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Trainee Marketing Sales

You are set to pursue an international career in sales or marketing? Look no further – at Covestro we offer you the perfect stepping stone. Our Marketing & Sales Trainee Program will enable you to acquire all the skills you need as an expert in this field. Within 24 months, you will gain profound insights into a global player’s industrial marketing and sales departments. You will be rotating jobs within our Marketing & Sales Community. This will prepare you for a rewarding position in our sales or marketing departments. At Covestro, you MAKE the difference – by making your first move into the exciting world of marketing and sales.


What to expect

  • You will complete a 24-month international rotation program, centered around marketing and sales – you choose your focus.
  • Your itinerary: After an onboarding period of four weeks, you will continue your training by a 12-month assignment to two departments in Germany. You will then spend a few months in one of our international locations. Upon your return, you will prepare a business case and prepare for the position you will take on after the traineeship. Depending on your focus, you will be assigned to three marketing and one sales department, or vice versa.
  • Throughout the traineeship, your personal mentor will assist and guide you.
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Your skills, personality and passion

  • You have completed your Master degree with a focus on marketing and/or sales; a natural scientific background is a plus, not a must
  • An internship has given you experience, preferably in an industrial/chemical setting
  • Your curiosity powers your drive for innovation and results
  • You display excellent communication and team skills
  • Good business acumen and a strategic mindset are among your strong points
  • You have shown your ability to analyze and interpret information accurately
  • Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with a variety of functions and with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures
  • Your courage enables you to commit yourself, to adapt to change and to work independently
  • You have excellent command of English and German
  • International mobility is a must


Promising outlook

Becoming a Covestro trainee will open up many career opportunities for you. Once you have completed your rotation through our departments, there will be a variety of interesting and challenging jobs on offer. Whatever path you choose to take within our company, we will assist you in your personal and professional development. Join our trainee program now and discover the colorful world of Covestro.


The application phase for our Trainee Program Marketing & Sales is currently closed. The next application period is expected to start in summer 2018.


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