Welcome to the Covestro employee blog!

Welcome to the Covestro employee blog!

Covestro – that’s around 16,000 colleagues at thirty locations as well as over 10,000 innovative products. Together WE MAKE the world a brighter place. To show you how we’re doing that is the aim of this blog. Get to know some of our colleagues, learn about our work and explore the colorful world of Covestro!

Tuesday - Jan 9, 2018 | Integrated degree program and no free time? Certainly not!
Sören Musmann pursues a vocational training as a chemical production technician, studying chemical engineering and also participating in top-level sport. Before he tells you a little bit more about his hobby, he likes to briefly introduce himself and explain how he ended up at Covestro. more

Wednesday - Sep 13, 2017 | Work-Life Balance – Put into Practice
Andrea Dogan is Commercial Operations Manager in the Global Sideline Business department at Covestro. Today, she gives an account of her career. more

Thursday - Aug 10, 2017 | IT at Covestro: My search for answers
When I was a boy back in the Seventies, I loved to watch U.S. TV crime series like “Kojak.” Every time a murder occurred and the investigation got stuck, Kojak would say: “We’ve got to ask the computer!” more

Thursday - Jun 22, 2017 | IT at Covestro – no place for women?
On the contrary! My name is Ann-Christine, and I am currently undertaking a dual study program with Covestro Deutschland AG at its Leverkusen site. In this blog, I will explain exactly what this involves and what my everyday life is like. more

Wednesday - Mar 29, 2017

My history with Covestro: From librarian to digital specialist

My name is Sabine Henrich. I’m 54 years old, live in Dormagen and have been with the company for 31 years, making me one of the “dinosaurs” on the workforce. more

Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017

Covestro premieres at the World Business Dialog

The World Business Dialog in Cologne – an event for students, by students more

Thursday - Mar 16, 2017

First insights from our colleague from Bratislava

Excited, Curious, Courageous. My first feelings when I’ve heard about Covestro in Bratislava. The two of them already matching the company values? This cannot be just a coincidence. more

Friday - Feb 10, 2017

Muskathlon: Mountainbiking gegen Armut

Der ‚Muskathlon‘, ein Wortmix aus Musketier und Marathon, verknüpft eine sportliche Herausforderung mit dem Kampf gegen Armut. Unser Kollege Justus Kaiser aus der Auftragsabwicklung des Supply Chain Centers nahm im vergangenen Jahr an dieser besonderen Veranstaltung teil – auf Einladung der Organisation „der 4te Musketier“, deren karitative Projekte dem jeweiligen Gastland zugutekommen. Heute berichtet er Euch von seiner Reise. more

Wednesday - Jan 25, 2017

From Leverkusen to Fribourg – my short term assignment in Switzerland

My name is Tino Mangner and I am working for Covestro as a sales coordinator in the Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties (CAS) Business Unit. My first day at the company was September 7, 2011, and I started out as a commercial trainee. Now I am in the fifth semester of a dual-studies program for business administration and business psychology. more

Thursday - Jan 12, 2017

Vocational training at Covestro: your future’s in safe hands!

In summer 2016, we started the Assistant for International Office Management or AIM vocational training program at Covestro. But who exactly do we mean by “we”..? Before we tell you more about our training at Covestro, perhaps we should introduce ourselves. more

Friday - Jan 6, 2017

Chemistry brought to life – a day at the Covestro Science Lab

Do you know what polycarbonates are? You think it sounds a bit boring? You’d be surprised! Judging from the number of enquiries from schools and other educational institutions wanting to visit the Covestro Science Lab here in Leverkusen it’s anything but boring. For nearly ten years now, groups of school children and students have been coming from all over Germany – and beyond – to visit our science lab. more

Friday - Jan 6, 2017

The chemistry is right: a combined degree at Covestro

Today there are three of us writing to you from Leverkusen! Our names are Pia, Yannik and Emil. We have been studying for a degree in Management and International Business Studies (MIBS) under Covestro’s combined degree program. With this blog post we want to introduce ourselves, Covestro and the MIBS program. more

Friday - Dec 2, 2016

Sales is more than just selling!

My name is Yuen-Ling and I´m working as a Key Account - Sales & Business Development Manager EMEA at Covestro in Leverkusen. I was born in Germany with parents from Hong Kong. Growing up between two different worlds, I have always been very curious about other countries, their people and cultures. This is why, in my free time, I love to travel and meet inspiring people from different backgrounds to share different mindsets and experiences. more

Tuesday - Nov 15, 2016

IT at Covestro: exciting and colorful

September 1, 2015 was not only the day Covestro was born, but also my first day with Covestro after completing my combined degree program. I’m Adrian and I’m a Senior Solution Specialist here at Covestro. I’d like to use this blog article to tell you a little about how I got here. more

Tuesday - Nov 8, 2016

From campus to Chempark: my internship with Covestro

I grew up in the town of Dormagen, near the Chempark where Covestro also has one of its production plants. Even as a small child I remember being fascinated by all those chimneys, pipes and cables. more

Tuesday - Aug 23, 2016

From tax office to accounting office – a fresh start at Covestro

September 1st, 2015 holds a special meaning for my employer – it’s the date that Covestro launched as a separate enterprise – and it’s very special to me as well. I’m Janine, and it was on this date that I started working at Covestro as a general accountant. more

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