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How can bits & bytes encourage innovation and promote growth? What part do networks and systems play in developing high-quality polymer materials? Which IT solutions are necessary to develop technologies and products that will benefit society and reduce the impact on the environment? You will find answers to these questions in Covestro’s global IT organization.


Digital processes and solutions play a key role in many of Covestro’s business processes – from research through to sales. An efficient, highly integrated and globally standardized IT architecture is just as important for the company as cutting-edge IT solutions tailored exactly to the needs of the users. Solutions which help to control worldwide business processes and plan, set up and operate complex systems. The digital age is opening up new opportunities for all function areas: data intensive analyses or computer-controlled simulations in research as well as marketing, communication and sales are also supported by IT specialists.


Nothing new, monotonous, boring? No way!

“Because the IT at Covestro is as diverse, exciting and challenging as our business with high-quality polymer materials. With our bright, needs-oriented services and solutions, we provide sustainable impulses in the company and play a part in designing Covestro’s future. We are focused on what is happening in the company at this very moment, and in the process, we always keep up with the latest developments. Why? Because we recognize, evaluate and convert new trends into sustainable IT architectures and digital solutions which stimulate innovation and encourage growth. And we live and breathe partnership and proximity – through intelligent networking above and beyond all areas and levels: within our IT organization, with our colleagues in the business units and their clients, and with our strategic partners outside Covestro. We understand technology not as an end in itself, but rather we focus solely on its uses for our company. With IT, we create long-term value for Covestro.“


Laurie Miller, Head of the Global IT Organization and Chief Information Officer of Covestro

Be courageous! Become a member of a global IT organization which is anything but boring and monotonous:


We are curious. We are courageous. We are colorful

Do you share our passion for intelligently applied bits & bytes and are driven to shape and move things? Do you want to contribute bit by bit to making the world a better place to live in with your ideas and solutions? Then you are just the right person for Covestro's IT departments.

Become a member of our team! Program your own success story.


We are looking for students, graduates, young professionals and experienced people in the disciplines of computer science, business sciences, industrial engineering, business informatics, environmental informatics or science graduates with additional IT expertise to support our IT departments.








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