Industrial clerk

Areas of application

In the vocational training course as an industrial clerk, you will quickly realize that many processes at Covestro are interrelated. In the purchasing department, you will procure materials for a product that you keepencountering in the provision of services. These overlaps continue in marketing, controlling, human resources and order processing. Each and every project and process must be planned in detail, implemented, carefully controlled and documented. Over time, you will also do business with customers or suppliers yourself. You will negotiate orders, arrange delivery times and control the entire order process.

Your qualifications

  • Successful completion of at least 10 years of education
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good social skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Quick to learn new skills

Vocational course content

  • Marketing and sales
  • Materials management and logistics
  • Provision of services
  • Invoicing of services and controlling
  • Human resources
  • Information systems


Duration of the vocational training course: 3 years

Your career prospects

After you have finished your vocational training course, you have a wide variety of further training options:


  • Industrial business administrator
  • Human resources manager
  • Specialized tradesperson for purchasing and logistics
  • State-certified business economist
  • Bachelor of Arts

Financing your vocational training course

Your training will be paid. Furthermore, we will offer you a special kind of support: if you live more than 100 kilometers away from the training site and have to move closer, we will provide you with a rental allowance for a certain period.

application closed

Your application

The application phase is currently closed. The next application period is expected to start in summer 2018.


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