Scientific occupations

Do you view nature as a science?    

You will monitor chemical production processes and will always be on the lookout for new material solutions. Be in the midst of things when our teams of international scientists develop technologies and products that benefit society and reduce the impact on the environment. We are always keen to have active support!


Did you always enjoy chemistry and biology in school? Are you curious and conscientious, and can also think outside the box on occasion? What are you waiting for then? Send in your application! Numerous training and development opportunities await you in our scientific occupations.

Content and structure of the vocational training

Theory and practice are closely interlinked within the scientific vocational training at Covestro. You will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a state-run or in-house vocational school as well as in modernly equipped training centers. You will dive into a diverse world of practical work in the laboratories or in the production facilities.


During the training, you will take two examinations in front of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce:


  1. The interim examination before the end of your second training year
  2. The final examination at the end of your vocational training course.


If you do particularly well in the theoretical and practical training, you may be able to shorten your course by six months.


We offer you the following occupations in the scientific field


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