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As a technician at Covestro, an exciting and challenging occupation with amazing career chances is waiting for you. Together we spur innovation on and master the challenges of our modern society.

In our production, innumerable processes and procedures must be coordinated on a daily basis so that water, electricity and chemicals go where they are required. And when there is a hitch, you and your colleagues will come into play and ensure that everything works smoothly.

Are you ready to develop yourself further?

At Covestro you will be given the opportunity to select between a variety of interesting vocational trades: as a mechanic, electronics engineer or mechatronics engineer, you will install, maintain and optimize our modern production facilities.


Do you have a good technical understanding, do you want to take on responsibility, are you curious and ready to develop yourself further? Then a vocational training course at Covestro is just right for you!

This is what is waiting for you

At Covestro, a vocational training course is not just “dry theory”. It goes hand in hand with practical experience. You will learn everything you need to know for your professional life in a state-run or in-house vocational school and in the modernly equipped training centers. You will be given the opportunity to put your practical know-how to the test in the laboratory, production facility or the specialist department.


During the vocational training course, you will take two examinations in front of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce:


  1. The interim examination before the end of your second training year
  2. The final examination at the end of your training


If you do particularly well in the theoretical and practical training, you may be able to shorten your course by six months.


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