Plastic and rubber technology process technician

Areas of application

Plastics govern our daily life: whether in the form of toys, sports equipment or even your lunchbox – polymers are hidden everywhere. They are the main components of plastic. During your plastic and rubber technology process technician vocational training, you will learn much about the manufacture of components and structural elements made of polymer materials.


You will learn how to choose the appropriate production process and materials, how to set the manufacturing machines and systems, and how to monitor the production process. You will of course also be responsible for checking the quality of the finished product.

Your qualifications

  • Successful completion of at least 10 years of education
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good practical skills
  • Strong interest in technology

Vocational course content

  • Manufacture of metal and plastic construction elements
  • Production of simple structural elements
  • Removal and checking of control technology systems
  • Tool, machine and other equipment maintenance
  • Analyzing and checking the properties of plastics
  • Ensuring that the production requirements are met


Duration of the training: 3 years

Your career prospects

Once you have completed your vocational training course, you can opt for a wide variety of further qualifications:

  • Senior industrial technician (plastic and rubber engineering specialist)
  • State-certified technician (plastic and rubber engineering specialist)
  • State-certified technician (mechanical engineering, plastic and rubber specialist)

Financing your vocational course

You will be paid during your training. In addition, we also offer a special kind of support: if you live further than 100 kilometers away from the training site and have to move closer, we will help you with a rental allowance for a certain period.

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