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It’s the mixture that makes it work: the combined degree program at Covestro

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Combined degree program at Covestro

You’re ambitious and want your career to take you to the top? No problem! At Covestro, you have the chance to pursue a combined degree program. This involves receiving vocational training while also studying for a degree. The program enables you to pursue two or more qualifications at once, completing them within a relatively short span of time. We offer the programs in partnership with select universities located near our business sites.

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Whether you’re looking to excel in an international business career, in the IT sector or in the field of science and technology: our combined degree programs offer you a balanced mix of vocational training, study and practical experience. An effective way to launch an international career in the following fields:

Mechanical engineering or process engineering

Developing the potential of tomorrow's technologies

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Electrical engineering

Our experts in high standard and safe production processes

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Always searching for new solutions

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Management and International Business

Earn a combined degree with a global player

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Business Information Systems

Business and IT – the perfect combination

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