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The world of industry could scarcely function without the help of huge pieces of equipment and machinery. The level of automization found in our production processes is also continuing to rise. As an electrical engineer, you will use your knowledge to ensure that our equipment operates smoothly and safely.

Your dream job

In your combined degree program, you will become an expert of analysis, taking measurements, and installing and programming electrical systems, monitoring systems and automization systems. You will have an overview of how these systems are operating and know exactly which machine is used for which process, how one piece of equipment interacts with another, and how you can optimize processes to achieve outcomes such as efficiencies in energy.


You will leave with:


Your positive traits

You will be responsible for ensuring production processes are of a high standard and are safe and environmentally sound. You will demonstrate a high level of commitment to your work: rather than waiting to be assigned a task, you will know instinctively where there is work to be done. You will work with a team of colleagues and as part of an interdisciplinary unit.

Your qualifications

  • University entrance qualification from a school or vocational college
  • Excellent understanding of technology and physics
  • Strong interest in science and maths
  • Quick to learn new skills
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Showing initiative
  • Ability to work in a team

Your training and study program

Your vocational training course will qualify you as an electronics engineer for automation technology. Alongside this course, you will commence your studies in electrical and electronic engineering at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld.


Part 1: Vocational training course and study program (semesters 1-5)

  • Vocational training: automation engineer
  • Basic studies: bachelor of engineering (B. Eng.)
  • ICC final examination during semester 5


Part 2: Study program (semesters 6-8)

  • Main studies: bachelor of engineering (B. Eng.)


Part 3: Final project (semester 9)

  • During semester 9, you will work on your final project and complete the final exams for your bachelor of engineering (B. Eng.) degree.

Your career prospects

After completing your combined degree program in electrical engineering, you will have been trained as an automation engineer and will also receive a bachelor of electrical engineering (B. Eng.). You can then decide whether you would like to move on to a master’s or launch your career straightaway. Whatever your decision, a successful career awaits!


You’ll be compensated while you train. Furthermore, we offer a special kind of support: if you happen to live more than 100 km from the training site and have to move closer, we’ll provide an allowance to assist with your rent for a transitional period. Covestro will also cover the tuition fees for your bachelor studies.

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Your application

The application phase is currently closed. The next application period is expected to start in summer 2018.


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