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We would like to promote the scientific know-how, experience, and creativity of all our employees. One important prerequisite for this is excellent education, particularly at the universities and institutes of higher learning. For this reason, we follow and actively support the rules and principles behind the Fair Company initiative.


Voluntary and compulsory internships are an important part of education in many disciplines. For this reason, we offer interested students in various disciplines the option of complementing their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. As a result, our company gains new input. An exchange that benefits everyone!


Whether they are preparing to study or have already begun their degree program, every year, numerous students take advantage of the internships we offer at Covestro’s German locations.


We also arrange for internships abroad at Covestro locations on all continents and give students the opportunity to write their thesis at Covestro – this is an important component of a successful start to any career.

While we’re on the subject of starting your career: Covestro is hiring graduates all over Germany. We of course offer fair employment contracts. After all, we know that the dedication, motivation, and ability of our employees plays a critical role in our success.

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