Take a look at the varied world of Covestro

Whether you would like to get to know Covestro better during an internship or you would like to write your thesis while working with us: we offer students the chance to gain valuable experience and to experience the varied world of Covestro at all main German locations of the company.

Your internship at Covestro

Put your theoretical knowledge into practice and get to know our varied fields of activity while learning about the ways you can join Covestro and develop with us. We can offer you pre-degree and in-degree internships optimally tailored to your previous knowledge:


  • internship for information purposes
  • specialized internship
  • practical semester
  • gap year internship
  • clerkship for law students

Duration of your internship

Your internship at Covestro should last at least four weeks. For a comprehensive look at our company, we recommend that you do an internship that lasts between three and six months. This will allow you to take on tasks independently once you have completed orientation training. In the case of basic and obligatory internships, as well as legal clerkships, the duration will match that specified in your study regulations.


We are looking for curious minds with initiative, team spirit and an ability to communicate. Good college grades are of course a plus. If you are applying from abroad, you should also have good knowledge of English. In certain areas it is very helpful if you can also speak German.

Online application for internships

All available internships can be found in the job search. If you cannot find a suitable internship using the job search, you can also register and create an applicant profile to set up a job alert. You will be informed automatically when an internship is available.

Your thesis at Covestro

In our many varied areas of activity, new and exciting issues arise all the time. We would love to offer you the opportunity to write your dissertation or thesis in the areas of science, technology, or business while working with us.


After we have considered your application – with which you are welcome to include a suggested topic or focus – we will look for a suitable position and mentor for you in the company. Talk to a lecturer at your college who is happy to accompany and evaluate your thesis and with whom you can agree on the topic. We will agree the contractual details with you individually. The duration of the thesis position will match that specified in your study regulations.


If you cannot find a suitable thesis position using the job search, you can also register and create an applicant profile to set up a job alert. You will be informed automatically when a thesis position is available.


All our internships are remunerated; the level of remuneration depends on the type of internship. Theses and specialists interns receive minimum wage (approx. €1,500 per month). For basic internships, the remuneration is €130 a month.


To ensure that we can process your application promptly and plan where and when you can start, please submit your application online with the following documents and, if possible, six months before you would like to start:


  • comprehensive cover letter specifying your desired internship period and area of work
  • résumé in table form
  • certificates (final high school certificate, intermediate degree certificate, college grade average)
  • confirmation of enrollment
  • internship guidelines from your college/university

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